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Asset Financing Product

Good cars come in different Models, Engines, Sizes and in most cases people will seek out the best for a specific purpose. That big, powerful, rugged car or maybe it is that snazzy, fuel mising, comfortable city car? Whatever the shape, size or purpose, Everyone has at different points in time, coveted a particular car.

Mhasibu Sacco will be able to finance this dream into a driveable reality with the Asset Loan

 Asset Finance features


1. Mhasibu will finace the value of a brand new Motor Vehicle, up to 90% and for used cars at 75%.

2. The interest rate chargeable is 0.96% p.m for new Vehicles and 1.125% p.m for used vehicles, all on a Reducing Balance Basis.

3. The Repayment Period is 48 Months.

4. The vehicle being purchased should not exceed 12 years from year of manufacture, while that to be used a collateral (if any) should not exceed 15 Years 

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