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Online Access Script


Step 1. Recover Password

  • Go to www.mhasibusacco.com
  • Click on the 'Click to Access your Account' iconClick to axcex your account
  • This will take you to the login page 
  • Click on the Red Recover password icon axcex 2
  • Supply your Membership number in full i.e. MHS*****(replace the * with a 5 digit number, no spaces, do not use letter O, its a zero)
  • Feed in your ID number
  • Type the Displayed Code, EXACTLY as displayed
  • Click on the reset password button.
  • axcex 3

Step 2. Check your Email

  • Once you click on the Reset Password Button after supplying the correct Membership number + ID number + Code, a pop up message will appear, notifying you of the email address your password instructions have been sent to.
  • Check the inbox /spam /junk folders of the email specified 
  • Follow the guidelines specified in the password email.

 axcex 4

Step 3.  Change The Default Password

  • Go back to the login page and use the Membership number and password, as it appears in the sent password email to login to your online account
  • After supplying the correct Membership number and password as given in the password email, Click on Login
  • You will be prompted to change the password, from the default provided (What what was sent to you like in the email above) to one only known to you.
  • Type the current password as provided in the email.
  • Type in a new password slot.
  • Retype the new password in the confirm password slot.
  • Click on Change password.

axcex 5



Step 4. What happens if i Forget My Password?

  • See Step 1 above.

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