1. When do I qualify to take a loan?
    You qualify to take a loan after six months of consistent contribution of the monthly minimum requirement of KES 1,600 per month
  2. What is the maximum loan limit I am entitled to?
    You are entitled to a maximum loan equivalent to 4X times your total shares capital plus deposits (Current offer is 5X). the current upper limit is 50 million.
  3. Can I have more than one loan at the same?
    Yes, you can have several loans running concurrently as long as the total loans  balance does not exceed your maximum entitlement of four times,(currently 5X)  and you can proof the ability to pay.
  4. What do I require to take a loan?
    A duly filled loan application form supported by;

    • ID/ passport Copy
    • Payslip – 3 months certified payslips or 6-months bank statement for employed members.
    • Guarantors ID or passports
    • PIN Certificate
    • Utility bill For business members:
    • A statement of income and expenditure
    • Certified 12 months bank statement
    • Business registration certificate  for business members
  5. What is the maximum loan repayment period?
    The maximum loan repayment period is 72 months for the Gold Loan
  6. Why would my loan be rejected?
    • Inconsistency in the monthly deposit contribution.
    • Contribution of the Less than minimum required deposit of KES 1600
    • History of default
    • Inadequate loan collateral
    • insufficient income
    • Incomplete application form that lacks mandatory documents as listed on the application form
  7. Can I reduce my loan installment due cash flow constraints?
    • This is possible through a loan restructure where member can prolong the loan period otherwise you cannot adjust or reduce loan instalment unless you have made a prepayment on your instalments, if this is done the loan will result into arrears leading to closure of loan account after three months of arrears and hence loss of funds by guarantors
  8. How long does it take before a loan is processed?
    • As per our service charter