1. Is Mhasibu Housing Company Limited (MHCL) and Mhasibu Sacco the same thing?
    No, MHCL is fully owned subsidiary of Mhasibu Sacco which operates independently from the Sacco. MHCL is involved in mobilizing Sacco members and other stakeholders who are interested in acquiring prime plots among other things. On the hand Mhasibu Sacco is primarily involved in offering saving and credit products to its members.
  2. Where are MHCL offices?
    MHCL offices are currently located together with those of the Mhasibu Sacco at View Park Towers 6th floor along Uhuru Highway, but the two organisations remain independent.
  3. Do I have to register to buy a plot through MHCL?
    No, Sacco member automatically qualify to participate in MHCL plots at a discount and without any registration fees.
  4. Can use Mhasibu Housing Company plot to guarantee a loan in the Sacco?
    Yes, once the title deed is out and one is willing to have the charge on the title registered. Please note that at the time of paying for MHCL plot, you cannot use the same plot as loan security until the title deed is ready
  5. Where can I get more information about Mhasibu Housing Company Limited (MHCL)?
    Please visit MHCL website, for more information on its activities and projects.