What is minimum contribution? The minimum contribution is Ksh 1,600 per month. What is the difference between deposits and shares? Deposits are the monthly contributions a member pay towards the Sacco. This can be used as either security to members loans or guarantee six other members. Interest is earned on deposit and calculated on pro [...]


Who is legible to join the Sacco? Members of ICPAK and employees of practicing accountants A registered ICPAK member with non-practicing certificate Fully qualified accountants who are not members of ICPAK Employees of institutions that offer accountancy training Members of ICSK and their employees Spouses and children of Mhasibu members Students pursuing finance and accountancy[.....]


Am I entitled to dividends? Yes, the Sacco pays dividends and interests  (Interest on deposit and dividends on share capital) every year to all the members who had balances in deposits and share capital for the financial year ended. What do I need to do to get my dividends? You need to ensure that the[…..]


How can I make my payments to the Sacco? The Sacco offers the following modes of payments; Mpesa - Click to See procedure. Standing orders – please indicate your membership number on instruction form Deposit slips- make payments to our bank accounts then present the banking slips Cheque payment done at Sacco offices Direct debits Check[.....]