Group/ Corporate Membership Requirements

  1. Registered by the Registrar of Societies/ Companies.
  2. The registration certificate must have a current stamp, stamped within the year by Social Service
  3. Must have been in existence for at least three years.
  4. All group members/directors for corporations must be Kenyan citizens aged 18 years and above.
  5. The group should not belong to more than one SACCO Society serving similar purpose or objective.
  6. Entrance fee of KES. 5,000.
  7. Payment of share capital of KES 20,000 for the group/corporate
  8. The group/corporate shall save a minimum of KES. 10,000 per month in deposits.

Supporting Documents required for Groups/Corporate membership

  1. Minutes listing all members/shareholders, with their signatures and a resolution authorizing directors/official to join Mhasibu Sacco Society Limited.
  2. Copies of National I.D. for officials/directors.
  3. Passport photograph for officials/directors.
  4. KRA PIN for each group official/company director.
  5. Contacts (Address, Residence, Mobile, Email) for officials/directors.
  6. Group constitution/Articles of Association.
  7. Group/Company registration certificate.
  8. KRA PIN for registered companies.
  9. CR 12 Form for registered companies
  10. Evidence of physical address for the company/group.

Who Qualifies to Be a Member?

We are a solution-oriented Sacco for the professionals. our products and services are customized to meet your every need.
Becoming a member means; you become a part- owner with equal rights and a voice in how we run our society, as we are committed to high standards of corporate governance.

Membership of the Sacco is open to the following:

  1. All professionals
  2. Registered Corporates and Groups
  3. Spouses and children of Mhasibu Sacco members
  4. Students pursuing finance and accountancy degrees and certifications.

Membership Requirements

  1. Registration, fee of KES 1,000
  2. Minimum monthly Contribution of KES 1,600
  3. Minimum share capital contribution of KES 10,000