How To Be A Member ?

You need to complete the membership application form available on our website.

Pay a membership fee of KES.1, 000, and submit to Sacco office for registration

We are a solution-oriented Sacco for the professionals. our products and services are customized to meet your every need. Becoming a member means ; you become an owner with equal rights and a voice in how we run our society democratically. We remain committed to high standards of corporate governance for increased shareholder

Who Qualifies to Be a Member ?

The following persons are eligible to join the Sacco;

  1. Members of ICPAK and employees of practicing accountants
  2. A registered ICPAK member with non-practicing certificate
  3. Fully qualified accountants who are not members of ICPAK
  4. Employees of institutions that offer accountancy training
  5. Members of ICSK and their employees
  6. Spouses and children of Mhasibu members
  7. Students pursuing finance and accountancy degrees and certifications
  8. Accountants in training with recognized examination bodies like KASNEB, ACCA
  9. Members of a professional body

Who Is A Member?

One will enjoy the rights and privileges of membership, which includes loans and interest on deposit and right to participate in members activities Upon:

  1. Paying a registration, fee of KES 1,000
  2. Minimum monthly contribution of KES 1,600
  3. Minimum share capital contribution of KES 10,000