The Sacco offers the following modes of payments;

  • Go to the Mpesa Menu
  • Select Lipa na M-PESA
  • Select Pay Bill |
  • Enter Business Number‘540700’
  • Under Account number – Enter Your Membership Number + Transaction Code

  • Please indicate your membership number on instruction form
  • Make payments to our bank accounts then present the banking slips.
  • Remember to indicate your membership number and proper instruction on the breakdown.

  •  For Deposits; key in   ‘DEP’ at the end of your Membership Number (e.g. MHS*****DEP)
  • For Share Capital key in ‘SCP’ at the end of your Membership Number (e.g. MHS*****SCP)
  • For Child Scheme Account, Key in ‘CHS’ at the end of your Membership Number (e.g. CHS*****CHS)
  • For Insurance Premiums, Key in ‘INS’at the end of your Membership Number (e.g MHS*****INS)
  • To preload your Mhasibu M-Sacco Utility Account, Key in ‘MSD’ at the end of your Membership number (e.g. MHS*****MSD)

  • Payment done at Sacco offices
  • Through the employer
  • Direct debits

NB: Please note that Sacco does not accept cash payments.

  • Commercial Bank Of Africa | Mama Ngina Street | 6435220015 -> Swift Code CBAFKENX
  • Equity Bank | Kenyatta Avenue Branch | 1290271968015 -> Sift Code: EQBLKENA
  • Co-operative Bank | University Way Branch | 01120040136100 -> Sift Code KCOOKENA
  1. To repay Mobi Instant Loan key in ‘MBL’(e.g. MHS*****MBL)
  2. To repay Normal Loan key in ‘NOL’(e.g. MHS*****NOL)
  3. To repay Repurchase Loan key in ‘RPL’ (e.g. MHS*****RPL)
  4. To repay Refinance Loan key in ‘RFL’ (e.g. MHS*****RFL)
  5. To repay Emergency Loan key in ‘EML’ (e.g. MHS*****EML)
  6. To repay Short-Term Loan    key in ‘STL’ (e.g. MHS*****STL)
  7. To repay Gold Loan key in ‘GOL’ (e.g. MHS*****GOL)
  8. To repay Gold Repurchase Loan key in ‘GRL‘ (e.g. MHS*****GRL)
  9. to repay School Fees Loan key in ‘SFL’ (e.g. MHS*****SFL)
  10. to repay   Okoa Loan   ‘OKL’ (e.g. MHS*****OKL)

What will be required from me during and after payments?

  • Quote your Membership number and any break down if any and submit the slip to the offices or scan to