Why Mhasibu Sacco?

    1. Business stability & sustainable growth for the past 35 years.
    2. Access instant loans of up to KES 100,000 from your phone.
    3. Very Attractive Loan a 1% per month on reducing balance.
    4. High borrowing Capacity of up to 4X Deposits + Share Capital (Current offer up to 5X Deposits + Share Capital).
    5. Mortgage facility that enables members to access 8x your deposits + Share Capital and repay within 15 years.
    6. Competitive rates of return on deposits & investments.
    7. Wide variety of acceptable Loan Collateral which includes: Title deeds, Motor Vehicle Logbook, Unit trusts, NSE Shares, Insurance Policy, Mhasibu Child Scheme and Mhasibu fixed deposits.
    8. Advanced Technology for service convenience.

Due to the extension of common bond, we have also extended our membership to other professionals from various fields of specializations i.e. Marketers, Engineers, Doctors etc.