Suppliers registered with Registrar of Companies under the laws of Kenya in respective merchandise or services are invited to submit their pre-qualification documents online on this LINK.

The prospective suppliers are required to supply mandatory information for pre-qualification.


All suppliers must provide.

      1. Copies of certificate of registration or incorporation of Business Name.
      2. Copy of VAT Registration Certificate.
      3. Copy of Valid Tax Compliance certificate from Kenya Revenue Authority.
      4. Copies of Pin Certificate of firm/company/individual.
      5. Company Profile
      6. List of Directors (CR12)
      7. Registration certificate as a contractor by National Construction Authority (NCA) and other relevant authority for all Works.
      8. Reference letters from 3 previous organizations served.
      9. Valid Practicing certificates for all professionals
      10. Evidence of office premise and physical location
      11. Where mandatory for service provision each firm must attach evidence of registration with Professional bodies/Authorities e.g. IATA, Municipal/City Council Certificates of health for food stuffs handling, NITA, MSK, ISPAK, CIPS, IA, ICPAK, KISM etc. as applicable
      12. Manufacturer/Dealers authorization letter for Computer softwares, Equipments or as may be applicable.


Prospective suppliers and contractors must have carried out successful supply and delivery of similar items/services to the Government/Corporation/Institutions of similar size and complexity.


MHAS/01/01/2024-2026 Supply of general stationery and teller receipts & rolls, rubber stamps etc.
MHAS/01/02/2024-2026 Supply of office furniture, fittings and Office equipment including fire safety equipment, office fit outs and furnishings.
MHAS/01/03/2024-2026 Supply of drinking water and water dispensers
MHAS/01/04/2024-2026 Supply, installation, and maintenance of air conditioners
MHAS/01/05/2024-2026 Supply, installation and maintenance of strong room doors, Mantrap doors, safes, and fireproof cabinets
MHAS/01/06/2024-2026 Supply, installation and maintenance of power back-ups and power stabilizers
MHAS/01/07/2024-2026 Supply, installation and maintenance of access control systems and CCTVs
MHAS/01/08/2024-2026 Supply, installation and maintenance of servers, computers, laptops, iPads, printers, and ICT related items
MHAS/01/09/2024-2026 Supply and installation of computer software and licenses including IT security solutions) (ERP, Audit Software, EDMS, Docusign, CRM, etc)
MHAS/01/10/2024-2026 Supply and installation of credit management& scoring Models and related services
MHAS/01/11/2024-2026 Design and supply of branded merchandise and promotional materials (banners, calendars, diaries, staff identification cards, lanyards, Z-cards brochures, and catalogues, and other related items)
MHAS/01/12/2024-2026 Supply of Seals, Coin Bags, Tamper Proof Bags, Bags for Cash-In Transit
MHAS/01/13/2024-2026 Supply of newspapers, magazines, and other books
MHAS/01/14/2024-2026 Supply of motor vehicle and motorcycles and related spare parts including maintenance services.
MHAS/01/15/2024-2026 Supply of IP-PABX, IP telephones systems and other telecommunicating & accessories
MHAS/01/16/2024-2026 Supply, installation and maintenance of structured cabling and networking services (LAN & WAN)
MHAS/01/17/2024-2026 Supply installation and maintenance of electrical equipment, fittings and works
MHAS/01/18/2024-2026 Supply, installation and maintenance security intruder & alarm response and access control systems
MHAS/01/19/2024-2026 Supply, installation & maintenance of kitchen and other related appliances
MHAS/02/01/2024-2026 Provision of transport, car hire services and courier services.
MHAS/02/02/2024-2026 Provision of plumbing and drainage works/services
MHAS/02/03/2024-2026 Provision of general office cleaning services
MHAS/02/04/2024-2026 Provision of fumigation and pest control and sanitation services
MHAS/02/05/2024-2026 Provision of Annual Support Service and Maintenance of Core Banking System (Microsoft Dynamics Business Central) and Mobile Banking
MHAS/02/06/2024-2026 Provision of minor building construction works (carpentry, joinery, tile works, paint works, etc.)
MHAS/02/07/2024-2026 Provision of air travel and ticketing services (IATA registered)
MHAS/02/08/2024-2026 Provision of team building and transport services
MHAS/02/09/2024-2026 Provision and repair maintenance of office equipment (printers and photocopiers, note counters, currency verification machines, telephone accessories, Acs, etc.)
MHAS/02/10/2024-2026 Provision of Cash in Transit (CIT) and Security guards and related services
MHAS/02/11/2024-2026 Provision of IT security solutions (firewalls, end point etc), fraud, and risk management tools
MHAS/02/12/2024-2026 Provision of repair and maintenance of computer hardware services (Servers, computers, desktops etc)
MHAS/02/13/2024-2026 Provisions of Bulk SMSs and Bulk Emails
MHAS/02/14/2024-2026 Provision of debt collection services
MHAS/02/15/2024-2026 Provision of private investigation & skip tracing services
MHAS/02/16/2024-2026 Provision of motor vehicle valuation services
MHAS/02/17/2024-2026 Provision of property(assets) and land valuation services
MHAS/02/18/2024-2026 Provision of auctioneering services
MHAS/02/19/2024-2026 Provision of IT infrastructure maintenance and support services (LAN, WAN etc)
MHAS/02/20/2024-2026 Provision of public relations and advertising services
MHAS/02/21/2024-2026 Provision of event management services
MHAS/02/22/2024-2026 Provision of photography, videography, PA system and copyright services
MHAS/02/23/2024-2026 Provision of digital marketing services (E-shots, social media, graphics, design, Influencers etc)
MHAS/02/24/2024-2026 Provision of website design, development, hosting, and maintenance services
MHAS/02/25/2024-2026 Provision of indoor/outdoor branding and signage services
MHAS/02/26/2024-2026 Provision of brand and product stationery printing services
MHAS/02/27/2024-2026 Provision of conference/meeting/team building facilities, hotel/accommodation in Kenya
MHAS/02/28/2024-2026 Provision of catering services
MHAS/02/29/2024-2026 Provision of Car tracking services
MHAS/02/30/2024-2026 Provision of Insurance services (Sacco Assurance, Credit life, Medical, Group life, General Insurance, Cyber security etc)
MHAS/02/31/2024-2026 Provision of event live streaming services
MHAS/02/32/2024-2026 Provision of System Audit Services
MHAS/02/33/2024-2026 Provision of market research services, product development, brand audit, customer satisfaction and survey services etc
MHAS/02/34/2024-2026 Provision of interior design, furnishing and decoration
MHAS/02/35/2024-2026 Provision of electronic document management and storage services
MHAS/02/36/2024-2026 Provision of archiving and document storages services (Filling room)
MHAS/02/37/2024-2026 Provision of backup, storage and collocation services
MHAS/02/38/2024-2026 Provision of cyber security services
MHAS/02/39/2024-2026 Provision internet connectivity services
MHAS/02/40/2024-2026 Provision of legal services (Litigation, employment, conveyance, arbitration, tribunal etc)
MHAS/02/41/2024-2026 Provision of quantity surveyors’ services
MHAS/02/42/2024-2026 Provision of structural engineers’ services
MHAS/02/43/2024-2026 Provision of building contractors’ services
MHAS/02/44/2024-2026 Provision of mechanical and electrical engineers’ services
MHAS/02/45/2024-2026 Provision of architectural services.
MHAS/02/46/2024-2026 Provision of staff training and consultancy service (Risk, system security, credit management, FOSA, Operations, Customers8service etc)
MHAS/02/47/2024-2026 Provision of health, fire and safety services (Fire responses, fire drills, first aid, training, Fire marshals, OSH Audits)
MHAS/02/48/2024-2026 Repair and general maintenance of buildings & renovations
MHAS/02/49/2024-2026 Provision of Asset verification, tagging and valuation services
MHAS/03/1/2024-2026 Provision of Consultancy in leadership Governance & Strategy
MHAS/03/2/2024-2026 Provision of Consultancy Enterprise risk management
MHAS/03/3/2024-2026 Provision of Consultancy Organization culture and change management
MHAS/03/4/2024-2026 Provision of Consultancy in recruitment services
MHAS/03/5/2024-2026 Provision of HR Management consultancy services
MHAS/03/6/2024-2026 Provision of Legal and governance Audit services
MHAS/03/7/2024-2026 Provision of Board evaluation services
MHAS/03/8/2024-2026 Provision of External Audit Services
MHAS/03/9/2024-2026 Provision of Tax consultancy Services
MHAS/03/10/2024-2026 Training and Development (SACCO events, mental health, wealth creation etc)
MHAS/03/11/2024-2026 Strategic Plan development, training and Review services