Peter M. Njua

Becoming a member of Mhasibu Sacco was, as I look back today, one of the best things that ever happened to me. As I reflect on how it all began, I feel a satisfying feeling of wellbeing inside me. The feeling of having arrived to where I rightly belong! And I sincerely look forward to more great years ahead anchored on the Sacco that I have come to love so much.

I began my working life working as a teacher. In those days’ teachers were automatically becoming members of Mwalimu Sacco. I thus knew the principles of saving as required by many Saccos. Sadly, those days, a teachers’ salary was paltry, and saving was more often than not a burden to many of us on the lower part of the social ladder.

When I left Kenya in 2001, all issues about Saccos evaporated from my mind. I was in another part of world where people consume before they save. The Sacco movement is still not developed in these areas. I started my savings with a bank called FNB bank in Botswana, just for the sake of it.

It was not until July 2013 when a friend of mine, George Maina, member number MHS02473, came over to my office in Botswana and requested for the use of my laptop, that I stumbled over information that was the turning point in my saving culture. There was something urgent that he wanted to do. Being on a Saturday, this was not something that you would deny a friend and so I let him use the laptop. Ten minutes later he was done and left.

When I took over my laptop, I noted that he had left the Website he was checking open. I noted that it was the website for Mhasibu Sacco? Where had I heard of the name Mhasibu, I wondered.

Quickly, I read through the information on the website. Each moment I found myself getting excited. Mhasibu, the accountants Sacco!  Immediately I called him back. Luckily, he had not left the compound. When he came back, I asked him to tell me about Mhasibu. And the man was not mean! The information he gave me was all I needed to decide once and for all that I was on my way to joining the Mhasibu fraternity. And I have never looked back to this day.

George Maina, is a man who can never deny you information when you need it. He told me that the process of joining Mhasibu Sacco was very simple. Meanwhile I sent an email to Mhasibu and one Fred from Mhasibu welcomed me to the Sacco. Then I was connected to a lady by the name Jacinta who emailed me the bank account details for me to actualize the required bank transfers.  And true to it, Like George had told me, joining Mhasibu Sacco, was simple especially now that I was an accountant. I paid my one thousand shillings joining fees and on the 1st of August 2013, I was allocated member number MHS 13343. My new journey so had just began. Smooth and clear.

I was burning to start my savings with Mhasibu. So much desire did I have that upon getting the registration number I transferred all my savings from HFCK by authorizing them to release a bank cheque to Mhasibu Sacco, which they did. The only down side of this was that the cheque got misplaced somewhere within the Mhasibu premises. Although I was at first appalled by this level of carelessness, the apology I received was humbling enough to make me get a replacement cheque and cancel the other one. Thank you Mhasibu Sacco. After all we are all human.

Before leaving Kenya, I had been an auditor of Saccos while working with Kiragu Njiru & company, one of the pioneers Sacco audit firms and that is how I had come across Mhasibu Sacco. In my mind however Mhasibu Sacco was for the accountants working for big organizations and the big audit firms. Never did it cross my mind that the Sacco was for the accountants, I am being one of them. That is the level of ignorance that I had exhibited.

Fast forward I could not attend the 2014, 2015 and 2016 AGMs, due to the timing. Most of the time I was out of the country. However, I managed to attend 2017 AGM when the report for the year December 2016 was presented. The chairman was Mrs. Muthaura. That Saturday as I ate my late lunch in the cafeteria at KICD, I was a happy man. I saw each member as a part of my family. Even where bare knuckles, no hold back discussions were held during the day nothing was said with ill motive. That was a family!

Surprisingly I had attended other AGMs of corporate organizations where I am a shareholder, but none could equal to the Mhasibu AGM. Despite being a huge number of attendees, the membership was accorded attention so that the members were able to air their grievances, complaints, frustrations etc. I also attended the 2018 AGM and I look to joining the 2019 AGM, God willing.

Early this month, January 2019, I took a new member to the Sacco offices. I was mesmerized by the new offices. Indeed, I realized that there was no other better chance than the current premises. Barclays Plaza certainly provides the Sacco with more open space and the aura is very corporate, making our Sacco shine better among its peers.

The beauty of being a member of a winning Sacco is that without doubt you also become a winner. So, understanding is the secretariat that all my borrowings has been done while outside the country. From my savings I have made a number of investments and I am still continuing.

Keep going Mhasibu…. Take us to greater heights.